Linux on $299 eMachines Laptop

I couldn’t resist the Best Buy sale on the Acer/eMachines D620 notebook last month. It’s a 1.6 GHZ, 1GIG RAM 160 GB Hard drive 14 inch laptop that come pre-installed with Vista Home basic. So once I got used to testing out the machine with Vista and coming to like the unit, it was time to put Linux on it.

I choose Xubuntu this time over SuSe, since the software package installer seems to run faster than the Suse installer did on my other Sony notebook. It’s slightly light weight in that it uses XFCE instead of KDE or Gnome. So all installed well except I had a extra work to get the wireless running.

I had to seek out the Windows drivers and use what is called NDIS Wrapper, which magically allows the WIndows drivers to work in Linux. The little blinking LED for WiFi data isn’t working, but the rest of the laptop is fine.

So here I am at my local Starbucks, using the D620, under Linux, connected to the ATT WiFi. All is well today in Rowland Tech Camp.

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